Before receiving or using any service or content from StarP2P LLC, users must read each section of this agreement, including all disclaimers and limitations of StarP2P LLC’s legal liability for its content and responsibility to its users.
Users are requested to read this statement of disclaimer in its entirety before any use of iPPOTV for the purpose of deciding whether or not to accept the terms of this agreement. (Those below the legal age of accepting such agreements must view and/or accept this agreement under the supervision of a person or persons having attained the age of legal acceptance)
If users do not accept in full the terms of this agreement, they forfeit the right to any and all use of iPPOTV or its services, including but not limited to the following; the installation and use of iPPOTV software and all of its associated services. Access to iPPOTV, or any associated software and content as provided by StarP2P LLC or as accessible via other methods or providers, shall be construed as full acceptance of this agreement and all provisions contained herein.
StarP2P LLC has at any time the right to alter, revise, delete, or add provisions and restrictions to this agreement, without advance notification. Once alterations are made to this agreement, StarP2P LLC will clearly announce such changes to its users on the website. All changes will be in effect as soon as the relevant sections are altered. Users can at any time long onto to view the current version of this agreement and review all of its stipulations.
1. Unless StarP2P LLC has specifically clarified such issues in this agreement, all content or results of use considered to be unexpected, harmful, illegal, libelous, copyright-infringing, or impinging upon intellectually property rights (including the presence or transmission of computer viruses in the download process), shall not be considered the legal responsibility of StarP2P LLC.
2. Users assume full risk in any and all results of using, accepting, or accessing the services and content of iPPOTV. StarP2P LLC does not provide any insurance, nor does it make any promise as to the extent to which the content hosted and delivered by iPPOTV will satisfy the conditions expected or required by the user. StarP2P LLC cannot guarantee that there will be no instability or severed connections, or other difficulties associated with third party content providers, as third party content providers are responsible for all accessed content.
3. Use of the iPPOTV software is subject to the stability of connections to Internet service providers, and thus service may be affected by any and all other factors connected with that stability. Likewise, the transmission of computer viruses, hacking activities, system failures, user-side network failures, and all other problems connected with users, Internet service, technology, are all risks assumed by the user in accepting this agreement and using iPPOTV’s services. Disrupted Internet service, disrupted transmission of content, or other problems resulting in content becoming unsatisfactory to users, are also risks knowingly assumed by users. StarP2P LLC assumes no legal responsibility in relation to the aforementioned difficulties.
4. All service and content provided by iPPOTV is derived solely and completely from third party content providers. StarP2P LLC assumes no responsibility as to the legality or appropriateness, or determination thereof, of any of the content available to users. In addition, StarP2P LLC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, appropriate copyright jurisdiction, legality or appropriateness of any content or description thereof.
5. StarP2P LLC respects the legal rights of others, including intellectual property rights, and requires users to likewise respect the legal rights of others in their use of iPPOTV software. StarP2P LLC reserves the right, under recognized necessity or when deemed appropriate, to review and suspend the usage rights of users deemed to be infringing upon or otherwise violating the intellectual property rights of others. No special or advance notice will be required in such cases.
6. StarP2P LLC prohibits the use of iPPOTV service to promote communist ideology, or defame any individual or group because of their beliefs.
7. Any company or individual believing that content provided via iPPOTV is in violation of the law must promptly inform StarP2P LLC or its service website. Written notice, proof of identification, and full and timely description of the circumstances of all believed infringement upon the legal rights of individuals or others, must be provided to StarP2P LLC in such cases. StarP2P LLC will, upon receiving the aforementioned information and determining the accuracy of the situation described, take measures to remove or amend such content that has been deemed inappropriate or illegal.
8. iPPOTV’s services are provided in their original form without any guarantee of result. StarP2P LLC does not make any explicit or implicit promise regarding the results of using its software and services. This includes all aspects of merchantability, applicability, and legality resulting of or inherent to such use. Any message, information, promise, or agreement conveyed via iPPOTV’s services is not the legal responsibility of StarP2P LLC. Aspects of use in which StarP2P LLC assumes no legal responsibility for further include: Any and all products, services, programs or advertisements obtained, conveyed or promoted using iPPOTV’s services or any related link, and/or any message or suggestion subsequently obtained, conveyed, or promoted.
9. Users must know and understand that all information and data transmitted or accessed by users via iPPOTV is accessed fully at the discretion of such users, who assume full responsibility for any and all effects that result from access, transmission, or use. Such effects include damage to computers or to networks, or loss of data.
10. StarP2P LLC does not declare or ensure the accuracy or reliability of any and all service (henceforth referred to as “Service”) or any obtained information, content or advertisement (henceforth referred to as “Content”) that has been stored, accessed from, or in any way linked to iPPOTV. Moreover, in regards to any product or information seen, obtained, or purchased by users through the Service and its Content (henceforth referred to as “Product”), StarP2P LLC gives no assurance to the quality of said Product. Users hereby acknowledge and accept all responsibility for any risks or hazards associated with any Content or Product connected with iPPOTV. StarP2P reserves the right to alter and/or modify at any time the Service and Content it provides in order to address or correct any error, inadequacy or inconsistency, but such alteration is not to be seen as constituting the legal responsibility of StarP2P.

Disclaimer of Liability

  • iPPOTV is a content distribution service provided by StarP2P LLC.
  • All content available via iPPOTV is derived from third-party sources. StarP2P LLC disclaims any responsibility for the legality of the content it provides, or to conduct any investigation into or engage in any dispute thereof.
  • StarP2P LLC disclaims any responsibility for harm resulting from iPPOTV, or any content downloaded/accessed using iPPOTV, whether or not StarP2P LLC approved such software or content.
  • StarP2P LLC approval does not guarantee that content from an approved partner will function, sound, or appear as offered or hoped, or be complete, accurate, or free from bugs, errors, viruses, or other harmful content.
  • StarP2P LLC expressly disclaims all warranties and conditions, express or implied, including any implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement, and any warranties and conditions arising out of course of dealing or usage of trade regarding the iPPOTV software or any content you download using the iPPOTV software. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from StarP2P LLC or elsewhere will create any warranty or condition not expressly stated in this agreement. Some jurisdictions do not allow certain limitations on implied warranties, so the above limitation may not apply to you to its full extent.
    Supervision of content and reporting of concerns is welcomed from users and third-party sources. Within five working days of receiving any report of potentially illegal or harmful content, the provider of such content in question will be notified to address the issue.
  • To report an infringement, please send email to