I. Installation Q&A

I downloaded iPPOTV software. An error message popped up during installation. What should I do?

Answer: Please quit the installation, shut down and restart the computer. Then try to re-install iPPOTV.

iPPOTV was installed, but when I opened the program, an version error message popped up.

Answer: This is probably due to the incomplete installation. Please try to re-install.

After the installation of iPPOTV, the following error message appeared.

Answer: This is probably due to the incomplete installation. Please try to re-install.

After I opened iPPOTV, a message box popped up asking whether to install the“wvcdmo CAB” software.

Answer: Please install “wvcdmo CAB”.

When I open iPPOTV, I do not see the right wing which has the program guide.

Answer: Due to the internet censorship by the Chinese government, users from mainland China will not be able to see the right wing. For users abroad, if you cannot see the right wing, it is possible that your computer’s firewall blocked it; please set the firewall to unblock it.

I can’t download iPPOTV software from www.starp2p.com website.

Answer: You can use software with resuming broken or paused downloads function, such as Download Manager (http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/), to download iPPOTV.

Can I use iPPOTV on a Mac computer?

Answer: You cannot directly install iPPOTV on a Mac. Mac with OS X contains a built-in multi-boot interface (Boot Camp). When you start the computer, press and hold the Option key. Two options will appear: Mac OS or Windows (you must first install Windows on your Mac computer). Select Windows as your boot option, and you will be able to install iPPOTV under Windows option.

II. Q&A on Running iPPOTV

Why is the channel list empty after I launch iPPOTV?

Answer: There are several possible causes:

a. Your firewall is set to automatically block all incoming connections;

b. Some expired anti-virus software, such as McAfee, automatically blocks incoming connections without alerting you

c. Some free anti-virus software such as Avira may also automatically block the channel listing info.


For case a, change the setting of your firewall in the control panel so that it does not auto-block incoming connections.

For case b or c, uninstall the anti-virus software from the control panel, then uninstall iPPOTV, then re-install iPPOTV. The channel list should appear normally at this point. Then you can reinstall the anti-virus software, and the channel list should operate normally.

Installation of iPPOTV was completed. When I double-click on a channel in the channel list, I could see that data is being downloaded, but after a while there was still no sound or video. The same occurred for all channels.

Answer: You may need to install the new version of Windows Media Player. Please download and install Windows Media Player 11 from following link: https://www.ippotv.com/downloads/wmfdist11.exe. There is no problem in Vista and Windows 7.

I have downloaded and installed wmfdist11.exe. My computer’s firewall is also set to allow iPPOTV to operate. After opening iPPOTV, I can see the download speed, however, there is still no video.

Answer: You can try the following two procedures:

1. Update your Windows Media Player: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14209

2. Adjust your computer’s hardware setting.

After I open iPPOTV, the channel list is empty. What should I do to make sure that my computer’s firewall does not automatically block incoming information?

Answer: Refer to the below image to see how to unblock StarP2P/iPPOTV from in the firewall control panel.



After I upgraded iPPOTV to the latest version, it does not operate or not operate properly. What has caused the problem?

Answer: When installing the upgrade, make sure that iPPOTV window is closed; otherwise the upgrade will have issues. If the problem persists, please uninstall, then download the newest version form www.starp2p.com, and install again.

After a period of time, the software automatically shuts down.

Answer: Currently, we have not found the solution to this problem. We will use the information provided by users to find a proper solution to this issue.

iPPOTV was successfully installed and ran normally at first. But after a period of time, the video lags.

Answer: It could be because the internet connection is too slow. If the internet speed is less than 600kbps, the video will lag. For users in mainland China, if the internet speed is not slow and slow download is observed, it is caused by internet censorship from the Chinese government.

A black screen sometimes appears, but download and buffering speed was normal.

Answer: If download and buffering speed is normal, it could be the signal source has problem. After the obstructive factors are eliminated, that channel should be back to normal.

Buffering and download speed is zero.

Answer: This could be due to problems with the server, or as a result of the firewall blockage.

III. Q&A on Miscellaneous issues

Can iPPOTV run on a virtual machine, or does it only operate on a physical machine?

Answer: iPPOTV can run on both physical machines and virtual machines.

Will iPPOTV cause my PC shut down automatically?

Answer: No.

What operating systems does iPPOTV run on?

Answer: iPPOTV can run on all Microsoft Windows systems.

About how much bandwidth does iPPOTV consume?

Answer: The bite rate for iPPOTV is set around 600kbps.

How much data is downloaded after playing video for one hour on iPPOTV?

Answer: About 200-300MB.

How can I watch TV in full screen mode?

Answer: Click on the full-screen-mode button at the lower right corner of the window.

How do I return to a smaller window from the maximized (full screen) mode?

Answer: Press the Esc key on your keyboard.

Why does it take so long to change channels?

Answer: Changing channels requires about 15 seconds to a minute for video buffering. If the waiting time is longer than this, it is probably related to your connection speed, or due to a lack of video sources.

When watching iPPOTV, what causes video to pause or completely disappear?

Answer: This is related to the stability of your internet connection, or due to lack of video sources. In some cases you need to close and then re-launch iPPOTV.

How can I find newly added channels?

Answer: The channel list is automatically updated each time you launch iPPOTV, so you will always see the latest channel list.

Some channels that were previously available are no longer there.

Answer: All channels and video clips are supplied by content providers or customers. In some cases, we need to take a channel off-line due to copyright issues, or the source not available anymore. Therefore, the programs are changed from time to time.

Why can’t I find the channels or TV programs I am looking for?

Answer: All the programs are supplied by the content providers or customers. We try to work with the content providers but cannot guarantee any specific content you are looking for.