What is iPPOTV?

iPPOTV is an international, multi-language on-line television network developed by StarP2P Inc. This application revolutionizes peer-to-peer streaming file-sharing technology. Combined with the network’s anti-jamming and non-barrier design, iPPOTV delivers smooth, clear and stable video streaming. In addition to providing individual viewers multi-media information around the clock, across the globe, iPPOTV also helps develop for business partners new on-line services and markets. As long as your PC has broadband access, upon completing the installation of your free iPPOTV player software, you may begin enjoying TV programs from around the world on your PC. With the efficiency of a highly stable network streaming technology, iPPOTV brings to you the best viewing experience.

iPPOTV System Highlights

Main Services of iPPOTV

1. Efficient file transfer technology optimizes bandwidth use

2. Highly scalable and stable network

3. Anti-jamming and non-barrier network design

4. More people watch, better watching experience it could get

5. Complex encryption ensures privacy and security for users

For business partners, we will create and maintain for you a 24/7 channel or segment of the 24/7 channel on our iPPOTV network. Your content could be delivered in real-time regionally or globally based on your needs. We will also provide real-time streaming of special events.

iPPOTV – The Online TV Network Without Boundaries